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Amazon: at night, all spiders are huge!

Especially at night, the jungle comes to life. While we have to search intensively for animals and insects in dense greenery during the day, this changes abruptly at night. It creeps and crawls wherever. We can observe this very impressively during our first night walk.

Especially the spiders we find inspired in us fear and respect. Also in the camp we get to know a very special roommate. We share the bathroom with Tarantulita. The anticipation of the upcoming overnight stay in a real tent, in the jungle outside the camp, is dampened a little in view of the lurking nocturnal creatures.

Before our overnight stay, outside in the jungle, we have to catch our dinner. The goal: The extremely tasty catfish. We "park" our kayaks at a tree in the water and throw our lines into the current. After a short time: Sanni gets hectic, there is something on the hook. Now it's time to be quick. And indeed, it's a big catfish. But before Valerio and Sanni get him on board, he can free himself and is up and away. But shortly after the time has come for Gerriet. It is important to catch up with the leash professionally and quickly. Quickly rumoured, pull! That's something heavy... and what is it? An Amazon Shark!

Sharks in the Amazon?

Yes, indeed. Looks original like a miniature edition of the white shark. We have never heard of it before. Since it is rather unsuitable for dinner, we release it quickly. As soon as the fishing line is out again, Gerriet has already cast the next bite. Madness! That's working well. But unfortunately, another shark. Maybe even the same one? We don't know. This one also regains his freedom and Gerriet actually gets a third copy out of the water. So it is now up to Sanni to secure dinner. And she is lucky. The next bite is a catfish! This time we also manage to get him on board. However, it is not very big and not enough to feed everyone. Thus, the catch goes to Valerio, who is very happy and prepares the fish in the evening by the campfire. Of course, we can have a bite and it tastes fantastic. The next morning we fish again standing at a lagoon where Gerriet catches two Piranhas. Super cool. Since we are still full from breakfast, they are welcome to keep their lives!

Pure glamping

Our overnight trip is another big highlight not only thanks to the entourage travelling with us. Our tent is already set up when we arrive by kayak. We are also excellently cooked out by Lisandro. The roommates, consisting of moths, mosquitoes and spiders, we simply ignore and enjoy a fantastic starry sky and the countless voices of the nocturnal jungle. Our unusual camp guest is a little cheeky nose bear also called Coatimundis.


With the wind leave against bad energy

Back at the camp, after our overnight stay in the jungle and the subsequent Anaconda search by kayak, Sanni is not doing so well. Dizziness and severe headaches plague her. To remedy this, two knowledgable men from our camp spontaneously carry out a so-called Limpia with her in the evening. This is part of Kichwa's genealogy, with the main purpose of getting rid of negative energies, relaxing and achieving inner peace.

These traditional ceremonies for cleaning body, mind and soul are carried out throughout Ecuador with special plants from the Andes or the Amazon rainforest. In some cases, shamans also use flowers, smoke or rubbing on a guinea pig. Yes, that's right. Guinea pigs. For Sanni, the special "Wairachina Panga", the wind leaves, were freshly picked. This plant is very important in traditional culture. Sanni sits on a chair with her eyes closed, while the men first drive the leaves over their own bodies and then begin to wave and stroke the leaves above her entire body. Sometimes hissing wind sounds can be heard. In this way, the bad energy is diverted and distributed. The men repeatedly change the arm with which they move the leaves, because this becomes too heavy due to the absorption of the bad energy. Only two out of one hundred people have the ability to perform this ritual effectively and professionally. Goosebumps are created all over Sanni‘s body. Not only due to the cool wind that the movements cause. A very special feeling. In addition, the leaves smell wonderful.

It may or may not be coincidence. On the last, sweaty jungle hike the next morning, Sanni sprints uphill like a mountain goat. No trace of bad energy. A reason for Gerriet to also have a Limpia carried out shortly before our departure.

Our conclusion: It works!


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