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About us

Foreign countries, new cities, always on the move. Regular travel has always been one of our favorite things to do, both professionally and privately.

It has been a long shared dream to be a “full-time traveler” once in a lifetime. And since October 1st the time has come.  


We swap the office, project plans and Excel lists for a backpack and adventures.  Two workaholics just take a break to see the world through different eyes.  


With our blog, we want to keep our friends up to date on where we are at the moment. With those interested we are happy to share our photos, travel experiences, food highlights and the best coffee in the world.  We would be happy if we might inspire you a little, help you travel or if you just have fun reading our blog.



My previous fellow travelers say that I have great organizational talent when it comes to travel planning of all kinds. Rainforest, dream beach, city trip. No problem with “SanniTravel”. So my greatest curiosity now lies in discovering what it is like simply not to have a plan. Fortunately, at the end of the day I am quite flexible, basically always in a good mood and in typical East Westphalian manner, I always get along somehow. I love food, wine, animals and adventure. My power for work now has a year off and goes with me on the journey of our life.


Friends describe me as amazingly nice and emphatic. I wonder what the "amazing" is doing there. Professionally, I like to travel a lot. However, Corona put me in home office. Also great - just different. Therefore, it is even nicer to start the sabbatical on my 40th birthday and go traveling again. Almost everything is possible with me: from getting lost in the deepest jungle without water to climbing a volcano on a horseback, as long as there is enough good coffee.



A few days before departure, our blog mascot Mimi decided to come along. Her name is the short form of "Dimitra" - the Greek goddess of the earth. So she is probably the best travel companion we could wish for. The little owl is there for all activities and is always ready to have fun. Her favorite accessory, the rabbit hat, should never be missing. For the perfect Insta photo, she likes to push herself into the foreground.

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