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The Lost City Trek - Day 4: Returning home

30. November

Day 4: 18 kilometres, 6 hours of hiking - altitude doesn't matter anymore. Arriving is the ultimate goal.

All good things come to an end, so today it is time for us to return to Machete. Since the way back is quite long, our last hike also starts very early again. Some comrades-in-arms take advantage of the offer to have their backpacks carried back by mules.

No way. Not for the Kruegers.

We carried the 10 kilograms all the way to this point, so we can take them also for the last bit. We start in best mood. Let’s go! It's hard. It's hot. It often goes uphill. We already know that. But after the rain of the previous day, some paths have turned into the feared battlefield of the deepest, slippery mud. The dry spare pair of socks only make our soaked shoes a little more comfortable for a short time. And so, we continue to fight our way through, propped up on our hiking sticks and with burning toes. The good mood is briefly in danger at one point or another. But we pull ourselves together again and convert our emotions into fighting spirit. Arriving for the last break in Camp 1, chef David is already waiting us with a large portion of muesli, yoghurt and fruits. Exactly what we need now, to mobilise our last reserves. In the meantime, we have also figured out how he gets from camp to camp. Just like us, on foot. Only about twice as fast, with a huge backpack on his back and that day after day. It is astonishing and knowing that he really deserved our applause the from the evening before.

The last stage to the finish line is dragging on more and more. Now the mind is our worst enemy. Without the “holy grail” as a goal to reach, it is much harder for us to mobilise our energies again. When we leave the protective shadow of the jungle and are exposed to the blazing midday sun, hiking becomes almost unbearable. With every curve, we believe that we can recognise the area again And that this is the last one before the restaurant.

But it still takes about 6 more curves until the time comes. Movie-like, we hold our hands and climb the last hill together in marching steps. The feeling when walking through the gate of the restaurant is really indescribable. Together with our fellow hikers, we celebrate our success.

We actually finished the trek, which unfortunately not all participants managed to do. And so we are now one of the first to be back. Looking just as shattered and exhausted as the other guys 4 days ago. And the slightly paniking look of the "new ones" are now focussed on us. We pass on our hiking sticks to two girls, in shorts pants, and have probably rarely been happier about an ice-cold shower.

To the question of how we liked the Trek, there is a clear answer:

One of the best experiences ever but extremely hard! :-)

The end.


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