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Galapagos: Santa Cruz

We spend in total 12 days on the Galapagos Islands. This visit has been on Sanni‘s bucket list for a very long time. When the decision of the world trip was made, hope sprouts again. „Ui. then we can also go to Galápagos.“ Gerriet sees it skeptical at the beginning of the planning 3 years ago. "Too expensive as part of a trip around the world... and let's see what else we do... and whether Ecuador is a destination at all. But of course. It's nice there."

The fact that we are already landing here in the first month of our trip still seems unreal!

About 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, lies the archipelago with its 130 islands. But not all islands are accessible to tourists. Since 1978, the Galapagos Islands have been on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. Accordingly, the protection of this unique biosphere is high. On our own and without a cruise ship, we can visit three of the islands.

We fly from Guayaquil to the island of Santa Cruz, which is the most populated island. Since our research in advance gives us the impression that Santa Cruz with its main town Puerto Ayora is too touristy for us, we only plan the necessary stops between island hopping. Once arrived, our assumption is confirmed. There is a wealth of shops. From small souvenir shops to more upscale boutiques to expensive jewelerys. Many restaurants and tour operators line up on the streets. And American tour groups, mainly consisting of pensioners. Of course, Santa Cruz is also a very nice place in itself. The business opportunities from here are very diverse. Of course, we look at small highlights, such as the fish market on Charles Darwin Avenue, along the waterfront. It is interesting to observe the locals at work. From morning to afternoon, fishermen take their catch to the waterfront, where hungry guests, pelicans and sea lions are already waiting!

All in all, we lack originality here and it is too touristy for our taste. Everything is expensive and we even pay 2 dollars every time to use the jetty from where the ferries take us to Isla San Cristobal and Isabella. The crossing to San Cristobal takes up 2.5 hours and with the speed boat we hover over huge waves. Several times, we crashed into the waves so hard that it stings your back. Here, our sea-sickness is testes. But everything goes well, the spit bag is not needed.


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