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No Coffee in Latacunga

Ecuador is among the top 15 coffee exporting countries. Clearly, the best quality goes overseas. What surprises me, however: Latacunga with its almost 100,000 inhabitants and one of the largest bus terminals in the country does not have a good coffee within walking distance of the bus terminal. You can get the best instant coffee in the BusTerminal, last restaurant on the left for proud 50 cents - self-made.

Just because it seems impossible to get good coffee near the bus terminal, it does not automatically mean that you have to put back culinary. Just one block away there are four bakeries that entice with colorful tarts.

In addition to coffee and baked goods, a good breakfast also includes an egg. It is best to drive cooked quail eggs from the road stand. 50 cents for 6 boiled and salted eggs in a small plastic bag with toothpick is again a real bargain compared to coffee.

With the collected delicacies, we are able to pass the time perfectly until we leave for Baños by direct bus at noon.


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