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Conclusion 6 weeks Ecuador: 2 thumbs up

The accommodation in El Coca quickly brings us back to reality after the unique jungle experience. Which is not bad because A.) there is literally no choice and B.) we only need a place to sleep. The next day, a 7-hour bus ride to Quito is waiting, leaving at 08:00 a.m. We spend the last day in Ecuador quite unspectacularly in an airport hostel. Surprised by the very beautiful outdoor area, we once again enjoy the cool mountain climate and wait for our flight, which will take us to Bogota the next evening. We use the time to process our impressions of the last few days, to research a little about our next country and to draw a first conclusion of our Ecuador trip.

A 6 weeks firework of nature

The decision to start our trip in Ecuador was less based on emotions than on pragmatical reasons. Due to Corona, we gave up having a real plan at some point during the preparation of our sabbatical. Just in August we compared different countries, quite soberly, on the basis of several criteria such as immigration, Covid situation, climate and security. Ecuador was the clear winner. Only when we got here, we have taken a closer look at the country and the various travel possibilities. These definitely fascinated us! Ecuador is a small country where you can enjoy an impressive variety of travel at comparatively short distances. So it was not surprising that almost all travellers we met on the way had a very similar, because pretty perfect itinerary. The question is actually only whether you want to travel from Quito to Guayaquil i.e. north to south or vice versa. As a small variation, you can travel also of the Pacific coast. This is supposed to be impressive but also quite rough at the same time, which is why we have decided against it. Ecuador is a country that we think you can also travel to in a shorter period of time e.g. during 3-week holidays without feeling like you have missed something. We can recommend it 100%!

Thank you Ecuador! You surprised us very much and from now on you have a special place in our hearts!


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